Access Control

CML Security Offers Keyless Controlled Entry/Exit Systems Throughout The Herkimer & Utica, NY Areas

CML SECURITY has a complete security solution to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a standalone card access system or an enterprise class system our access control system installers can help.

Whether the need is for a basic wall-mounted proximity card reader or a sophisticated combination PIN, card swipe and fingerprint reader, CML SECURITY has a large range of access control products along with a large number of identification systems within a manageable setup.

Security Points

A security point is simply a single point of protection. For your security needs it might be a contact switch on a window or a motion detector, or even the lock control on a door. With addressable points, the activity and condition of individual security points can be identified.


A zone is one or more security points grouped together in an electrical circuit. For example, the doors, windows and other security points in a conference room could be identified as a specific zone.


An area can either be classified by a group of security points, or by one or more zones. You can control your areas individually as well as grouping them together.


A partition is an area or group of areas configured into an autonomous system. For example, a management company for a high-rise building can invest in one system to provide individually programmed, monitored and billed access control and security services to each of its tenants.

Access Control Solutions

Designed to meet your personnel and visitor activity requirements. Our systems can be integrated with CCTV & alarm systems. Smart card, biometric card, swipe & proximity card readers and audio & video intercom systems can be used by a number of people that will be allowed access to your facility.

We can incorporate a number of physical doors that are electronically controlled with a software driven access control system.

We can also incorporate multiple buildings or sites into one system. Contact a access control system installer today!