Camera Systems

Cml Security, Serving The Herkimer & Utica, NY Area, Offers Affordable Surveillance System Installation Services

CCTV camera systems tell the whole picture. There is no more conclusive proof of security breach than visual confirmation using CCTV camera systems. Most other forms of domestic security will notify of an alarm activation, be it an electric fence or a security alarm system, but usually require some confirmation, and what better way to do that than by CCTV camera systems. Video can be stored for playback at a later stage and present key evidence as to what unfolded during the period of interest.

The benefits to the installation of CCTV systems are both numerous and practical, and include:

  • Reducing potential insurance premiums upon installation – (Proper implementation of the security systems in the homes, offices or other key areas reduces the insurance premium from up to 5% to 20%. )
  • Increasing staff productivity
  • Identifying criminals
  • Prevent shoplifting
  • Monitoring various areas at which you can’t reach
  • Deters theft, malicious misbehavior and wreckage
  • Constant and consistent surveillance 24/7

CCTV security systems are available for your indoor, outdoor, and even underwater surveillance needs. For a small amount of pocket change per day, you can protect your home or business and know that should anything happen, you can always rely on the evidence from your camera.

In areas where CCTV surveillance camera is installed, crime rates have remarkably decreased between 85% and 94%. Although small, CCTV security camera is powerful. The cheapest surveillance camera is black and white. It also has better sensitivity to light.

Today, there are colored CCTV surveillance cameras that are more light sensitive. With increasing demands, the prices for CCTV systems have become more competitive. Almost all types of cameras can be used to create an effective CCTV system.

Both Dome and Bullet cameras are excellent for either indoor and outdoor security systems. They are both durable. Either can be used with CCTV security camera systems because they are visible and come with additional useful features for surveillance. The infrared cameras are ideal for areas that require highest security. Infrared cameras can effectively monitor the areas even at night.

The PTZ (pan tilit zoom) cameras are easy to move by anyone who monitors the system. They also allow the head security to have complete control of CCTV systems.

The video is recorded on the DVR. The video data can be found on site or in remote location.

A DVR is exactly what it says it is; a machine that records video in digital form. It has a hard disk drive (HDD) of large storage size. Additionally, good DVRs in a security system can record the action not only to the HDD but also to a USB keydrive or an SD memory card.

CCTV camera systems now have the functionality to allow discrete camera viewing on some cell phones which have this ability. Contact you cellular phone provider for more information on this.

Below is an example of what you will see with CCTV surveillance cameras: